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 Warmly Welcome to the Fifth UESTC International Forum for Young Scholars

一、介绍  Introduction


UESTC International Forum for Young Scholars (UESTC Forum) aims at gathering outstanding scholars all over the world to Chengdu—the Land of Abundance, and enhancing the interaction and cooperation among prominent young scholars with interdisciplinary backgrounds. So far, we have held consecutively four forums. More than 400 young scholars in total from over 20 countries and regions were invited, such as the United States, Britain, Germany, Switzerland, Australia, Singapore and so on. The forum website is available all the year round.

时间安排/Forum Agenda








Nov. 22, 2017


Nov. 23, 2017

Opening Ceremony and Invited Speech

Nov. 24, 2017

Sub-Forums in different fields


二、申请条件(以下两者满足其一)  Basic Qualifications (Meet one of the following two)

1. 青年特聘专家、青年拔尖人才、青年长江学者、优青、百篇优博获得者或全球高被引科学家(汤森路透发布)。Selected ones of the Recruitment Program for Young Professional, National Program for Support of Top-notch Young Professionals, Young Program of Yangtze River Scholars, Excellent Young Scientists Fund or Top 100 Reward of the National Excellent Doctoral Dissertation, or Highly Cited Researchers (released by Thomson Reuters).

2. 年龄在40岁以下;在海外知名高校、科研机构或知名企业研发机构有正式教学或科研职位,取得博士学位后在海外连续工作36个月以上(业绩条件特别突出的海外博士可申请破格)的优秀青年学者。Outstanding young scholars under the age of 40, shall have over 36 months’ consecutive work experience overseas with PhD degree (those who possessed a PHD degree from abroad with exceptional academic achievements may be exempt from the work experience requirement), and hold formal teaching and researching positions in overseas prestigious universities, institutions or enterprises.

三、申请方式  Application
     Please log in http://scholarsforum.uestc.edu.cn/.
     Date Due: Oct. 30th, 2017

四、差旅及住宿  Travel Reimbursement and Accommodation

主办单位统一安排食宿(免费);青年学者收到正式邀请函后自订机票,主办单位报销往返机票(海外学者最高报销1万元人民币/人,国内学者最高报销5000元人民币/人)。Accommodation is free. Please book you flights after you receive our formal invitation. The host will provide the reimbursement of travel expenses (highest 10,000 yuan per person for overseas scholars, while 5,000 yuan for domestic scholars).

五、关于电子科技大学  About UESTC


University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (UESTC for short) is one of the first 211 Project and 985 Project universities, and also, the only electronic information–oriented university. It is the first university in China with all the sub-disciplines of the two disciplines—electronic science and technology, information and communication engineering—being national key disciplines.


In the latest National Discipline Evaluations, five disciplines from UESTC were in the top ten, in which Electronic Science and Technology ranks No.1 and Information and Communication Engineering ranks No.2, Optical Engineering and Instrument Science and Technology ranks No.7 and Bio-medical Engineering ranks No. 10 (equal to Peking University). In the 2017 USNEWS Best Global Universities Rankings, Engineering of UESTC ranks No.94 and Computer Science ranks No.54. In the 2017 QS World University Rankings by Subject, five subjects of UESTC are listed in the top 500, including Engineering-Electrical & Electronic, Computer Science & Information Systems, Engineering and Technology, Mathematics, and Anatomy & Physiology, while Engineering-Electrical & Electronic ranks in the top 200 for the first time. In the newest Essential Science Indicators (ESI), Engineering is listed in the top 1‰, and Material Science, Physics, Computer Science, Chemistry, Neuroscience and Behavior in the top 1%.


UESTC has four national key laboratories, one national engineering center, forty-one provincial or ministry research institutes, two innovation groups supported by the National Natural Science Foundation Committee (NSFC), seven innovation groups supported by the Ministry of Education, and one national defense science and technology innovation group. Recently, UESTC together with the Sichuan Provincial Hospital established the School of Medicine, and founded the Institute of Fundamental and Frontier Sciences, to strongly promote the development of fundamental research such as in Physics and Mathematics. The university has developed into a key multidisciplinary research-oriented university with electronic science and technology being its nucleus and characterized by the harmonious integration of science, engineering, management and liberal arts.

电子科技大学高度重视人才工作,引进和培养了一批在国际学术界享受盛誉的杰出学者。学校现有高层次人才226人,包括中国科学院、中国工程院院士11人,IEEE Fellow 21人,“特聘专家计划入选者125人(含青年特聘专家计划入选者64人),长江学者”37人;其中,“特聘专家计划青年特聘专家计划入选人数在信息领域全国排名第一。

UESTC attaches great importance to talents work, and has introduced and trained quite a number of excellent scholars internationally renowned in their research areas. Currently UESTC has up to 226 first-class talents, including 11 academicians of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering, 21 IEEE Fellows, 125 selected professors of the Thousand Talents Plan (64 among which are selected ones of the Recruitment Program for Young Professionals), and 37 Yangtze River Scholars. The number of professors of the Thousand Talents Plan and the Recruitment Program for Young Professionals that UESTC has ranks No.1 nationwide in information field.



Embracing its motto of to seek facts and truth, to be noble and ambitious, UESTC is in the pursuit of excellence and talents, and endeavors to become the breeding base for advanced technologies and great minds. UESTC warmly welcomes all talents home and abroad to join in its grand course to a more glorious future. Candidates for the Recruitment Program for Young Professionals are welcome to log in http://scholarsforum.uestc.edu.cn/ and apply online.

招聘对象和条件 Qualifications

1. 属自然科学或工程技术领域,年龄不超过40周岁,具有博士学位;

Candidates should have already acquired a PhD degree in nature science or engineering fields, and below the age of 40;

2. 在海外知名高校、科研机构或知名企业研发机构有正式教学或科研职位,取得博士学位后在海外连续工作36个月以上;

Candidates should hold formal teaching or researching positions in overseas prestigious universities, institutions or enterprises, and have over 36 months’ consecutive work experience overseas with Ph.D degree.

3. 取得同行专家认可的科研成果,且具有成为该领域学术或者技术带头人的发展潜力;

As the elites among the peers in certain field, the young professionals shall have the potential of becoming leading figures in the future;

4. 申报时未全职在国内工作,或者在国内工作不超过一年;

Candidates should have no full-time job in China or be within one year of their return to China;

5. 在海外取得博士学位、业绩特别突出或者国家急需紧缺的人才,可适当放宽工作年限要求。

Candidates with overseas PhD degrees, who have exceptional academic achievements or in urgent need, may be exempt from the work experience requirement.

入选者相关待遇 Compensation & Benefit

1. 国家配套:科研经费100300万元,一次性补助50万元

From National Government: RMB 1-3 million start-up research funding and RMB 500,000 subsidy

2. 地方配套:经审批可获得四川省提供的50万元补助

From Sichuan Government: subsidy of RMB 500,000 after approval

3. 学校配套 From the university

1) 年薪不少于40万元、安家费及购房补贴80万元;no less than RMB 400,000 salary, RMB 800,000 settling-in allowance and housing subsidy provided

2) 提供科研经费100300万元;RMB 1-3 million research funding

3) 根据入选者实际工作需要,提供办公、实验场地;Working and research platform in accordance with the awardees’ actual needs

4) 聘任到教授岗位,并授予博士生导师资格;The awardees will be appointed as a professor and PhD supervisor


5) 若进入青年特聘专家计划会评未最终入选,可纳入电子科技大学百人计划支持,聘任为特聘研究员(正高级职称);For those who did not succeed in the final interview of the Program, they will be supported by "100 Talents Plan of UESTC" and hired as Specially Appointed Researcher (Senior professional title)

六、关于成都  About Chengdu


Chengdu is the southwest China''''s three centers and two hubs identified by the State Council—science and technology center, business center, financial center, and transportation and communication hubs. In the first half of 2017, the GDP of Chengdu exceeded 611.14 billion Yuan with the year-on-year growth of more than 8.2 percent, which is 1.3 percent higher than the national average of the first half of the year. 278 companies of the Fortune 500 have settled in Chengdu with the number ranking first among Midwest cities in China. The United States, German, Australia and other 16 countries have set up their consulates in Chengdu. Also, there are more than 100 international routes connecting Chengdu to cities including San Francisco, London, Melbourne, Moscow and Abu Dhabi, etc.


In 2016, Chengdu was endowed with the historical mission of constructing one of the national central cities. In the near future, Chengdu will provide more platforms and chances for talents''''bringing in and going out.


According to the recently released Special Support Policy for High-Level Talents of Sichuan Province, selected ones of the Recruitment Program for Young Professional and National Program for Support of Top-notch Young Professionals, who is introduced from overseas or other province and has signed an over five years’ contract, will receive a housing subsidy of RMB 500,000 after working full-time in Sichuan. Chengdu has recently released the Ten New Policies for Chengdu Talents. These policies represent a completely new guide to foster the most attractive entrepreneurship and innovation atmosphere, and to promote strongly the “widespread Entrepreneurship and extensive innovation”, which offer the whole city a sum of no less than two billion Yuan as an exclusive funding for talents. Specifically, the funding is divided into three categories: RMB 3 million for an international top talent, 2 million for a national leading scientist and 1.2 million for a regional senior talent. District and county governments will match the grant with extra funding. In addition, the policy will offer “Entrepreneurship and Innovation Fundamental Contribution Award”, for talents who have worked for more than 5 years in Chengdu and have delivered significant contributions to the development of its economy and society. If these talents pass the evaluation, they will be awarded with the title of “Chengdu Exceeding Talent” and RMB one million.

七、联系方式  Contact Us


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